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As I was changing Claire’s (4 months) diaper, Levi (4 years) was giving her love and sweetly said, “I love you, Claire.  I will always be with you.  Even when I’m five, I’ll still be here for you.”

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Tonight we had devotions outside because there was an amazing, huge, orange harvest moon out.  We read about creation, and afterwards Levi (4) said as he looked at the moon, “It’s kinda like God’s puzzle.”  I asked him what he meant and he replied, “When God made everything, He put it all together like a puzzle.”  Maybe a bit off theologically, but I love how little minds think! 🙂

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When Bekah was three, we were driving home from Disneyland one night, and she asked where we lived.  I told her we live in Yorba Linda.  She was silent for a while.  Then she said, “Well, Daddy’s Balinda is close to My Balinda, where is your Balinda, Mommy?”  We then tried to explain we all live in the same town, and the town is two words, Yorba Linda.  She proceeded to tell us what her Balinda was like, but wanted to know more about our Balinda.  For a good year, if we asked her where she lived, she would answer, “My Balinda!”
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It finally happened.  I knew it was only a matter of time.  We were digging a hole to stick our new umbrella clothesline in when this dialogue took place:

Bekah: Mommy did you swallow some dirt when God made me?

Me: Did I swalllow some dirt?

Bekah:  Well, God made Adam from dirt, so did you swallow some dirt and did it go down your throat to your tummy and God made me from there?

I start digging a little more intently, wondering how far this exchange will go.

Me: Wow, that’s a really interesting thought.  It does kinda make sense, but babies are made a bit differently than Adam was.  Hey, wanna jump on the trampoline with me for a while?

Bekah: Sure!

Whew.  But did I miss a good chance to commence “the talk?”  She is only six (a very smart six), but really, six seemed too young.  I’m sure it won’t be my only chance to speak of those birdies and bees.  It’s amazing what comes up while doing simple little homesteading activities together.  🙂
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Eye Secret: Mascara (Faith, 2)

Darling: When playing house with Bekah (when she was 3), if you were asked (told) to be the “darling,” your assigned role was the daughter.

Enerjated: Full of energy (Bekah, 6)
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Last year when Levi was three, he was introduced to some unfamiliar foods. He decided to name them:

Slimy Corn: creamed corn

Bugger Noodles: Hamburger Helper

Sloppy Buns: Sloppy Joe’s

When my youngest was presented with a small gift, I let Faith (2) open it for her.  She opened it and found a plush pink poodle rattle, and decided to claim it for her own.  Faithy deemed it was her “noodle.”  She now takes it everywhere we go, and if she asks you to help her find her noodle, you now know what to help her look for.

I will end with a song Faith just sang, “I’ve been dreaming of a true love’s piss…”  Gotta love it!  🙂
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Drought weights the trees, and from the farmhouse eaves
The locust, pulse-beat of the summer day,
Throbs; and the lane, that shambles under leaves
Limp with the heat–a league of rutty way –
Is lost in dust; and sultry scents of hay
Breathe from the panting meadows heaped with sheaves.

– from "The Rain-Crow" by Madison Cawein (1865 – 1914)


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