I told you I’d be accountable to you who read this blog about spending quality daily time with the Lord, and well, the past three days have been void of that.  😦  Let me just tell you , I felt it in a HUGE way.  Things that would normally just annoy me almost devastated me those days.  There was a strength missing (go figure).  Now I have every “right” (excuse) to miss a few days.  The first missed day was when we drove back up north, Friday was a cleaning day, and yesterday was a recovery day from all the travel and cleaning.  But did I manage to eat during the day?  Yes.

Connecting with my Father this morning was the best feeling ever.  Strength really does come when we wait on Him.  All the things that were bogging me down (the dirty house, the destroyed garden, feelings of loneliness) don’t have the better of me anymore.  I know He is my Provider of all things, and in His perfect timing, all things will be restored.

Now that I have strength for this day, it’s time to make breakfast, clean, weed, mulch, launder, and get ready for the 2008/09 home school year!  Blessings to you all!

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