Wow.  Two months is a long time.  Long enough for a place to feel like home again.  We’ve been in Orange County since late June, and tomorrow, we make the 9-hour trek back up north.  The only thing that could possibly make the OC feel like home for me is the people I love who live in it.  I have never been a fan of the area.  I don’t like irrigated deserts.  Smog is not my air of choice.  I greatly dislike living in a region where sensuality and materialism permeate.  But somehow, there are some diamonds in the rough.  I have had the privillege to spend precious hours with family and friends whom I cherish.  I’ve enjoyed hearing your hearts and seeing your vision.  Some are on your way to different corners of the earth.  Some are staying put.  This summer will be tucked away in my heart forever.

Today is a day of packing and sentiment.  As I clean the fingerprints from my parents’ sliding glass doors and stuff our clothes into suit cases, I try not to stuff my feelings.  It would be a lot easier to close them off and not deal with the tearing feeling that always pains my heart when it’s time to say goodbye.  It’s especially hard to see my kids’ eyes well up with tears as the ripping begins.  

Thankfully, we have much to look forward to.  We have new friends to reunite with and get to know better.  Although I missed blackberry season, the pears will be ready for harvest, and the walnuts are preparing for their time to be picked.  I get to wake up every morning and laugh at wild turkeys and enjoy the beautiful lake.  The pumpkin sprouts I left should now be huge and speckled with squash.  I get to say goodbye to disposables and return to cloth diapering and line-drying.  It’s back to filling the home with the scent of freshly baked bread from the flour I just milled. It’ll be fun to see jars of kefir lacto-fermenting all in a row on the kitchen counter.  Call it nerdy, but I’m excited to return back to the lifestyle I’ve embraced the past three years.

Now, if I could just combine the two.  I wish I could put all my loved ones in my pocket and take them with me wherever I go.  This trip was a huge reminder of the blessings community can be, and how important it is.  I know it takes time to establish one after a move, and I know we’ll will have one again.  An old Girl Scout song comes to mind, “Make new friends, but keep the old.  One is silver and the other’s gold.”  🙂

Well, that was a nice break.  Now that my mind is filled with sweet thoughts of all of you, I will return to my packing duties.
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