“Christmas?!  What?!  It’s August for heaven’s sake!”  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that.  I can’t help it; I have a chronic love for Christmas.  Anticipation is so darn much fun, and finding Organized Christmas (eight years ago) totally feeds that.  It even makes deep cleaning feel festive and exciting.  They encourage keeping a running family wish list year-round so you will be prepared when people ask you what everyone in the family wants.

Let me tell you about the item that has been #1 on my list for the past two years: the Vita-mix.  Making smoothies, hummus, pureed soups, and nut butters is a common occurrence in my kitchen, but these items just don’t get as smooth as store-bought versions when I use my food processor or blender to make them.  The vita-mix would cure that.  I promise I don’t sell these things (but my friend does, if you’re interested 🙂 ), I just wanted to share one of my “favorite things” with you.  Hey, Oprah does it, why can’t I?

So what’s on you’re list?  I’m always on the lookout for cool items that enhance health and beauty in the home.  Or do you not think about such things in August like most normal people?
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