This tale is not one I am privileged to take credit for.  I am merely a humble scribe, penning the legendary adventures of a super hero created by my four-year-old son over the past two years.  This is his story…

One ordinary day on the planet earth, humans were walking around, doing what humans do, when one day, a man who went by the name of Ho-Jon spontaneously transformed to the super hero we know today as Whoa-Jon.  Whoa-Jon currently resides on Whoa-Jon’s planet, Majawa, which is farther than Pluto, and he travels to earth in his Foosha Foosha, which is a rocket ship.

Dressed in white with a green cape, Whoa-Jon rids planet earth of every villain four-year-old boys come in contact with.  Whoa-Jon is smarter than Hacker, stronger than Syndrome and his omnidroid, and faster than Pharaoh and his pursuing army.

Sometimes, four-year-old boys think a little too highly of Whoa-Jon and decide he is cooler than God.  Whoa-Jon’s powers can apparently change and it was originally thought that God’s powers stay the same, but after a bit of talking things through with their mommies, four-year-old boys realized God is actually cooler.

But the story does not end here.  Whoa-Jon has teamed up with Thunder-Lightning Girl and Super Squirt.  The terrific trio have many adventures together and will be documented as they continue to unfurl.
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